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McDermott Pool Cues

McDermott Cue has been manufacturing performance pool cues from their headquarters in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin since 1975. Building on a reputation of using only the finest materials and exceptional workmanship, McDermott cues have become one of the most recognized and respected names in billiard cues. The company founder, Jim McDermott, began modestly by repairing cues at home in the 1960s. As an avid pool player, Jim would travel to local pool rooms, personally delivering the cues that he repaired.

In the late 60s, Jim met master cuemaker Rollie Welch and worked with him for several years developing the McDermott Cue product line, first offered in 1975. That line featured the now-famous McDermott interchangeable weight bolt system that has appeared on almost all McDermott cues produced since then. One year later, in 1976, the B-Line was introduced. The line consisted of the original ten M/R cues with some minor changes, plus six all-new cues, all of which featured black bumpers. The six new cues were the first McDermott cues to sport distinctive points in their design.

By 1980, McDermott Cue had introduced the C-Line, made up of 21 all new cues. Included in this collection was the C-1, the only two-piece hustler cue that McDermott ever made,. Examples of this cue and the entire C-line remain highly sought after by collectors today.

The D-Line was introduced in 1984, featuring 26 new cues. The line started with the D-1, a pool cue that would today be considered plain and progressed to the beautiful D-25 and D-26, both of which had floating inlays in the forearm instead of points. With the D-Line no longer in production, these cues are also highly collectible. Other collectible McDermott pool cues include the original Harley Davidson series from the 80's, which are now sought after by pool cue collectors and fans of Harley Davidson memorabilia.

McDermott Cue today uses some of the most interesting and rare materials and offers one of the most extensive varieties of cues on the market from starter models like the GS Series, all the way up to the M8P4 Prestige Series IV, one of the only cues we know of using 24K gold in the rings and medallion. In recent years McDermott has introduced a line of Performance Shafts called the I-Shafts. These are 3 different models with varying performance goals. Mcdermott was the first cue manufacturer to offer a lifetime warranty on their cues that included warpage.

McDermott cue will continue to be one of the leaders in cue manufacturing and design innovation. At we have a commitment to bring the latest and best products to market. We offer the complete line of McDermott cues and products.

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