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Predator Pool Cues

Predator Cues are some of the most technologically advanced pool cues on the market today. Since the launch of its first 314-shaft technology in 1994, Predator has set the pace of the cue sport industry's technological progress. Predator's unwavering commitment to technology and innovation sets it apart in an industry that has been slow to embrace 'space-age' materials and manufacturing techniques.

Predator shafts and pool cues are designed from start to finish to help players of all levels improve their game. They exploit both physics and materials science so that when a player applies English to the cue ball (a hit anywhere but dead center), minimum deflection of the pool cue occurs at the moment of impact. Most experts will agree that this will reduce the change in the path of the cue ball and as a result deliver a more accurate and repeatable shot. Predator cues started out making only shafts and marrying them to other cue maker's cues. They still do this today in addition to building their own line of pool cues and specialty cues.

Predator changed the game once again in 2003 with the introduction of their second generation 314 and Z shafts and the worldwide release of the 314-2 FAT Shaft. With re-engineered front ends for even greater accuracy than their popular first generation, the Predator shaft product lineup of three second generation shafts offers you a choice of Predator shaft technology no matter what your budget or style of play.

Some of the latest offerings from Predator are the new BLAK Series cues which feature an all Ebony Butt with Micarta inlay, and the second generation 314 shaft. Check out the BLAK 4 pool cue with some of the most intricate detail Predator has offered.

The Predator cue phenomenon has spurred several other companies to compete in the market for performance cue shafts. McDermott has its own offering, the I-Shafts and uses different production techniques for the three I-Shafts that with varying performance goals. The new OB Cues OB-1 shafts are quickly becoming some of the most popular Performance Shafts. With completely different construction method and proprietary materials, the OB-1 has spurred new interest in performance shafts. will continue to bring you the latest and best technology in cue and shaft building. We are pool players and we will always be looking for products to help better our game and yours.

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