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Pool Table Lights

Pool Table Lighting is one of the most important aspects of your game room. Your lighting may include game table lights, pool table lights, lights for over your bar, or in some cases lighting for peripheral areas of your room. Here we will point out some helpful tips to consider before making your purchase.

For the Pool Table Lights you want a light that gives ample light to the entire playing surface of the table. The table lighting should eliminate all shadows on the table, including under the rails. This will require a light between 40 and 60 inches long depending on the size of your table. You want the lighting to be consistent on the entire bed of the table. Many times I have seen tables with a single light which illuminates the center of the table but leaves the rails dimly lit if at all. For more information go to How to Hang a Pool Table Light

The vast array of choices of Pool Table Lights today will match any home décor or circumstance. From classic styling like the ??RACBL or a more contemporary fixture such as the ??RALET. If your pool room is more of a game room for the kids (and all of their friends) It may be safer to have an unbreakable lamp like the ??RANHX

Some pool table lights direct all the light to the table and some allow light to escape above the lamp or through certain transparent materials in the lamp. If you have a very dark space consider a pool table light that provides the extra light.

Bar lighting can be done with a Pendant lamp or if the bar is large enough a Pool Table light works very well. For over a Bar lighting usually you will want a weaker and softer bulb than what is needed over a pool table. Consider using a reostat switch so you can adjust the amount of light.

Pendant Lights are very versatile and can light up a gaming table or just hang over your favorite chair. Many of our pendant lights are an exact match to the pool table lights so you can have a common theme in your gameroom.

The lighting in your gameroom needs to be planned so you light up what you want and don't interfere with the pool players and or game players line of site. Nothing is worse then having a bright light from another area interfering with your game. So plan ahead and create properly lit areas of your gameroom.

The Table Lights, matching Pendant Lamps and Wall Sconce's we carry are all of top quality made with metal or glass and sometimes real wood or leather. We will do our best to provide you with the largest selection and best value regardless of your lighting choice.

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